Building for the future

The development of Heijmans’ latest generation of homes focused on a number of major issues. How can we make our operations more sustainable? How do we offer a solution for the enormous and growing shortage of affordable housing? And how do we achieve this in an efficient and safe way at a time when fewer and fewer skilled workers are available? The answer is Heijmans Horizon. Heijmans has years of experience with conceptual building together with co-makers. Industrialisation and standardisation combined with variation make it possible to build quickly and efficiently for numerous target groups. But we cannot realise our sustainability and innovation ambitions on our own. Which is why we looked for the right partners; to share knowledge, learn together and by doing so increase the number of sustainable and high-quality homes in the Netherlands both faster and smarter. We have all gained experience in the first few projects. From 2023, we will build these sustainable homes in our energy-neutral factory in Heerenveen. The industrialisation of standardised timber-frame construction is effectively a shift from engineering to configuration. What this means is that from 2023 customers will be able to put together their own timber-frame houses using the Heijmans 3D Residential Configurator. At home on their computer or tablet, and at their leisure.

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