Safety is essential

At Heijmans, we see safety as essential: either we work safely or we do not work at all. In June, our non-residential building business area was awarded the step 4 safety ladder certificate. The safety ladder is one of the ways of assessing the development of a company in terms of safety. The primary focus of the safety ladder is on attitude and behaviour and it makes awareness of safe working practices measurable, transparent and comparable. This is why the safety ladder is a perfect fit with Heijmans' strategy of becoming a proactive organisation in the field of safety.

With the help of our dedicated Safety department, we made an extra effort across our organisation and placed even more emphasis on this theme over the past quarters. This does not mean we are there yet. The biggest challenge we face in achieving the goals we have set is to increase safety awareness and proactive safe behaviour, both at Heijmans and throughout the production chain. This will require constant attention, not least of all from our own employees.

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