Result appropriation

In accordance with article 31 of the Articles of Association, profit is distributed as follows: Lees meer over Result appropriation .

Executive Board statement

To fulfil their legal obligation pursuant to Section 2:101 (2) of the Dutch Civil Code and Section 5: 25c (2)(c) of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wft), each member of the Executive Board states that to the best of their knowledge: Lees meer over Executive Board statement .

Independent auditor’s report

To: the shareholders and Supervisory Board of Heijmans N.V. Lees meer over Independent auditor’s report .

Heijmans N.V. 2022 Remuneration report

This report, which must be regarded as a report in the sense of Article 2:135b Dutch Civil Code and in the sense of principle 3.4 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, explains the implementation of the remuneration policy for the Executive Board Lees meer over Heijmans N.V. 2022 Remuneration report .