6.27 Investment commitments

x € 1,000

31 December 2022

31 December 2021

Contractual commitments for:

- acquisition of property, plant and equipment



- acquisition of land





Contractual commitments for acquisition of property, plant and equipment of €8.0 million concern plant (mainly electrical equipment) for Heijmans Infra.

There are no Group guarantees for the capital expenditure commitments (2021: none).

In general, the contractual commitments to purchase land will materialise in 1 to 10 years.

No investment commitments have been entered into by joint operations in which Heijmans participates (2021: none). 

6.27a Contractual commitments joint ventures

The joint ventures in which Heijmans participates have undertaken investment commitments of €26 million (2021: €19 million), this amount being Heijmans’ portion. This mainly concerns the acquisition of land for the construction of housing projects shortly after acquisition.

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