Heijmans Property Development

Property Development develops large-scale and smaller projects in inner-city and suburban areas. We act as initiator, developer and seller of mainly residential, but also retail, commercial and industrial real estate. As area developers, we work on complex assignments, responding to the existing situation, new-build demand and (often inner-city) transformation assignments.

'Sustainable, green and social' lies at the heart of all our area developments. For us, sustainability goes beyond circular and energy neutral. It also includes nature inclusiveness, biodiversity, climate adaptability, health, quality and future-proofing. Under the name Smart City, Heijmans is contributing to the transformation of urban and suburban environments into smart cities and areas. We use digital solutions and data to optimise comfort, safety, efficient use of space, cohesion between residents and sustainability for residents and users.

Property development operates from four offices with a centralised area development department. In this way, we shape an integral vision and approach for the development and transformation of promising areas. Our ambition is to work with housing corporations, public authorities, businesses and residents to come up with total solutions that give a sustainable quality boost to areas and result in healthy living environments.

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