Development of the risk profile

Heijmans actively monitors both its business risks and its portfolio of project risks. Heijmans monitors its principal risks using dynamic heatmaps, both for operational opportunities and risks (‘running the business’) and for strategic opportunities and risks (‘changing the business’). The Executive Board and Supervisory Board regularly map and review the expectation and impact of opportunities and risks.

The internal risk profile of Heijmans’ business operations did not change substantially in 2022. Due to a selective project acquisition policy and the conservative valuation of current projects and contracts, the project portfolio does not contain any major surprises. The current project portfolio is adequately valued taking into account the risk profile of the various projects. Market conditions did become more complex and riskier in 2022. Procurement prices were volatile and were still high at the end of 2022. In addition, external uncertainties and hence the external risk profile have increased: energy costs were volatile, mortgage rates passed the 4% mark and, given declining consumer confidence, fears of an economic recession are increasing. Despite all these external challenges, all business areas managed to be successful in terms of their operational management in 2022.

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