In dialogue with stakeholders

Because we operate in property development, building & technology and the infra sector, we deal with a broad playing field of stakeholders. From clients and customers, users, employees, shareholders and other capital providers, to suppliers and subcontractors. We also exchange a great deal of knowledge with the industry, the public sector, knowledge and educational institutions, social groups and end users. For instance, we hold important stakeholder consultations throughout the year in the form of:

Client contacts and evaluations

We are in constant contact with our clients during the execution of our activities. From the tender and design phase to delivery and aftercare and in the maintenance and management phase of our projects. As part of this, we also devote a great deal of attention to evaluating our work with our clients.

Ingo Seuren of Heijmans with Douwe Zijlstra and construction manager Hans Greven from TenneT at the high-voltage substation in Meeden

Roadshows and conferences

Heijmans is in contact with its shareholders and potential shareholders at various times during the year, including via the General Meeting of Shareholders and regular meetings with major shareholders.

Analyst meetings

We have regular meetings with analysts who follow the company and its shares. These include the analyst meetings when Heijmans publishes its first-half and annual figures. It is also possible to follow the half-year and annual meetings in real time and interactively via a webcast.

Works Council meetings

Heijmans Executive Board members hold regular talks with the company's Works Council. Through a number of permanent Works Council committees, employee representatives maintain a broad dialogue within the organisation on specific topics: HSE (Health, Safety, Welfare, Environment), communications, social affairs, strategy and finance. Any insights from these dialogues are then shared with the members of the Executive Board.


In view of increasing chain integration, suppliers play a crucial role in the realisation of our projects. We cooperate intensively in the field of production, but also in the fields of innovation and sustainability. One of our main goals on this front is to create long-term partnerships.

Online media

Clients, stakeholders and other interested parties can find information about Heijmans on our website. This information ranges from project updates and Heijmans' take on relevant social issues to the financial calendar and press releases. In addition, Heijmans is very active on social media channels, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn on a daily basis. Thanks to the combination of compelling stories and current events, Heijmans has the greatest number of social media followers in the Dutch construction industry.

Lenders and insurers

Heijmans is in constant contact with the company’s lenders and provides explanations of its financial results on a frequent basis. Heijmans also maintains good contact with credit insurers and guarantors.

Industry bodies

Heijmans is a member and has a seat on the board of various trade organisations that regularly discuss trends and developments. These include Neprom (project development), construction industry and technical installation industry organisations Bouwend Nederland and Techniek Nederland. On this front, Heijmans participates in various consultation platforms and underlying committees where information is exchanged on market developments, technology and sustainability. These organisations also act as a platform for collaboration in the setting of standards and to protect the interests of the industry as a whole.

Heijmans is also involved in a number of industry-wide initiatives. On the safety front, we are cooperating in the development of the Safety in Construction Governance Code, as well as the Generic Port Instruction (GPI) and the Safety in Tenders standards. On the sustainability front, we participate in various Green Deals and covenants. In addition, we actively participate in a number of collaborative initiatives with various stakeholders. The following is an overview of the main Green Deals/covenants and collaborative initiatives.


Heijmans is creating a healthy living environment by making its operation and work better, smarter and more sustainable. The social challenges we face are so complex that we actively seek collaboration with relevant parties. We make agreements and share knowledge, so we can work together to make the Netherlands sustainable.

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