Creators of a healthy living environment

Everyone wants to breathe clean air, live in a pleasant neighbourhood, enjoy beautiful nature, work in a good workplace, travel safely from A to B and arrive back at home healthy at the end of the day. These are the goals we have set for all our activities in property development, building & technology and infra.

Heijmans focuses on four areas of activity: property development, residential building, non-residential building and infrastructure. We advise, design, develop, realise, manage and maintain. We work for residential consumers, companies and public sector bodies and we focus on sustainability, quality improvement, innovation and integrality. Heijmans wants to play a leading role in making the construction sector safer and more sustainable. This is how we contribute to the solutions to numerous important social issues. For now and in the future. All our activities are aimed at creating a healthy living environment.

Real Heijmans

What started with one man, Jan Heijmans, has grown, over a hundred years, into a listed company with more than 5,000 employees. Yet we are still fundamentally a family business, with an eye to and attention for our people. In 2023, we can look back on a century of experience and craftsmanship. At the same time, we are always looking ahead; it is in our character. We are driven and optimistic, curious and inventive. Above all, we are reliable, transparent and good at what we do.

Stock exchange listed since 1993

Heijmans has been listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange since 1993. We only operate in the Dutch market and most of our partners are based in the Netherlands. The market for raw materials and purchased products is a combined Dutch and European market. A small proportion of the basic raw materials we use come from outside Europe. Heijmans’ main suppliers are subcontractors (labour) and suppliers of building materials. Our main clients are private buyers (residential building), housing corporations and institutional investors, network companies (managers of electricity, water and gas networks) and (national) public sector organisations.

Our mission: the creation of a healthy living environment

We are the creators of a healthy living environment. Our goal is to leave any place where we have been better than we found it. Our own operations also need to be healthy. We consider it a basic requirement that we offer employees and partners a safe working environment, both physically and socially. An environment where everyone can and is allowed to be themselves. Where vital colleagues enjoy their work.

Our vision: it’s all about end-users

In everything we do, we are always focused on end users. We want to add as much value as possible for residents, home buyers, employees, visitors, patients, entrepreneurs and road users. This involves liveability, sustainability, future-proofing and affordability. As we stay involved in projects for more and more prolonged periods, we add value well into the usage phase. We are convinced that if we do well by those end users, we add the most value for our clients.

Our core values

Our good reputation is determined by the quality of our work and how we execute it. The power of our success rests with all our employees. We can only make a difference by working together. Our three core values provide us with the direction we need to achieve this:

  • Ownership

  • Result focus

  • Collaboration

Social challenges

Hart van Zuid

For Heijmans, area development is about a lot more than just stacking bricks. This is clearly visible in Hart van Zuid, where Heijmans has been working with the city of Rotterdam and Ballast Nedam since 2015 to transform a large area in Rotterdam South. In addition to improving roads, bus stops and bus lanes, together we have created new connections, we are greening the area around Zuidplein, added housing and we’ve given the theatre, swimming pool, Ahoy and the shopping centre a new look. Both residents and local businesses are actively involved in this project. Indeed, via the social programme, Hart van Zuid is investing in local residents and businesses: they will have to carry the neighbourhood and they will provide the socially sustainable added value of this development. Part of the social programme is to help young refugees find a job, an internship or to broaden their network.

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Our society is currently full of turbulence and uncertainty: sustainability, the energy transition and energy crisis, the housing challenge, the scarcity of labour and materials, inflation and nitrogen emissions. Heijmans has to deal with all these themes and developments, and others. We clearly see and accept our responsibility in this respect and want to help find solutions in all of these areas. We do this based on our own ambition to have a positive impact on our surroundings.

This is why we keep moving, innovating and taking steps in the right direction. Even if these steps are sometimes not as big as we would like because of (external) factors, such as the nitrogen emissions problem, strict regulations and labour market shortages.

Our strategy

  • Better

  • Smarter

  • Sustainable

Making things better is the heart of our strategy. We continuously strive for greater safety awareness, greater predictability, more control of projects and to consistently work on the basis of our core values. Making things better is about having and keeping your house in order, about being an attractive employer, so you can attract and retain the right people. Making things better also requires change, and the courage to make choices and to say no.

Maintaining our focus on doing what we are good at and the ambition to keep doing it as well as we can and to do everything right the first time. That is what makes us an attractive employer that people want to work at. And a good and reliable partner for our clients and suppliers.

In recent years, our strategy has helped to make our organisation more stable. This is essential if we want to be in a position to realise our ambitions, because stability creates room for innovation. At the same time, given the major social challenges we face, it is a challenge to maintain both stability and focus on the future. In this respect, being smarter and more sustainable are absolutely essential.

Armed with innovative ideas, products and services, we offer smart solutions that help to solve the significant social issues of today and tomorrow. And each completed project makes the results and impact of our efforts more visible. Constantly measuring and monitoring - from development to the use phase – enables us to collect invaluable data and information. Then, analysing and evaluating this data enables us to keep getting better, smarter and more sustainable.

By improving sustainability, we ensure that we will have a healthy living environment long into the future. This is where we, as creators, can make a difference by designing and building sustainably. With an eye for alternative energy generation, the efficient use of energy, space and materials, and at the same time optimal comfort and experience. We see it as our challenge to respond to today's needs while also keeping a close eye on the long-term impact of those solutions.

Integrality and synergy

Heijmans' strategic direction over the past decade has been firmly focused on the integrality of all our business units. We work together and we benefit from the know-how and experience gained elsewhere in the organisation. From idea to realisation, maintenance and management, from buildings and roads to area developments. By combining various specialisms and activities, we offer integrated solutions that add value for our clients. We are increasingly using and marketing digital solutions as part of our strategy to continue our drive to work smarter. We also work closely with our clients and partners and value good relationships. We are working more and more sustainably and, where possible, we proactively provide our clients with sustainable solutions. This is what sets Heijmans apart.

Improving the N282/N260A roads

The province of North Brabant has commissioned Heijmans to upgrade the N282 and the N260A roads near Rijen and Hulten and to make them more sustainable. The aim is to solve the daily congestion on these roads and increase road safety for all road users. To do this, Heijmans has opted for sustainable and green solutions wherever possible. The approach includes widening both N roads to 2x2 lanes, adding turn-off to the south west of Hulten and a low-traffic section of the N282 near Hulten, plus the construction of a green median strip along the entire length of the route. Heijmans will also add underground fauna passages , a bicycle path and a natural noise barrier. The work is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023.

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Our organisation

If we want to realise a healthy living environment, it is crucial that we optimise our integrated way of working, based on collaboration and direction. We steer this from our two-man Executive Board and the group board. The group board is responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the company. In addition to the members of the Executive Board, the group board consists of the chairs of the three business areas, the Chief Risk Officer (CRO), the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO).

Three business areas

We work in different markets and we develop specific and diverse solutions for these markets. We do this on the basis of three business areas, while increasingly looking at the big picture. Due to increasing internal integrality, the growing complexity of our projects and our more prolonged involvement in projects, our various business area are becoming increasingly intertwined. The close cooperation between Property Development, Building & Technology and Infra makes us more dynamic and effective, enabling us to offer ever more complete and broader propositions for our clients.

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