(8) Costs

(8a) Cost of sales

The cost of sales is made up of the carrying amount of goods sold and the costs allocated to the fulfilled performance obligations, including the expected losses on projects that are recognised immediately in the statement of profit or loss.

(8b) Selling expenses

Selling expenses are the costs of sales activities that are not charged to projects.

(8c) Administrative expenses

The administrative expenses represent general expenses that are not costs of sales and are not charged to projects.

(8d) Finance income and expense

Net financing costs comprise interest payable on borrowings and lease commitments, dividends on cumulative financing shares B and interest receivable on funds invested.

Financing expenses that can be directly allocated to the acquisition, construction or production of a qualifying asset are capitalised as part of the costs of that asset during the period that the asset is under development.

The interest component of the lease payments is recognised in the statement of profit or loss and is calculated using the effective interest method.

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