Heijmans Share Administration Trust

The following report is presented in line with the best practice provision 4.4.6 in conjunction with provision 4.4.7 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Lees meer over Heijmans Share Administration Trust .

The Heijmans Preference Share Trust

The Heijmans Preference Share Trust (hereinafter: ‘the Trust’) is an independent legal entity as defined in Section 5:71 (1)(c) of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act. Lees meer over The Heijmans Preference Share Trust .

Reporting methodology

Scope Heijmans’ operations are concentrated in the Netherlands and it reports key figures for these activities in this annual report. Lees meer over Reporting methodology .

EU Taxonomy

In 2020, the EU Taxonomy entered into force. The EU Taxonomy was part of the EU Green Deal, Europe’s strategy to become the first climate-neutral continent in 2050. Lees meer over EU Taxonomy .

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Chapter 7 describes the process of arriving at the most relevant SDGs for Heijmans. Lees meer over Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) .

TCFD risks and opportunities

L = Low risk/opportunity M = Medium risk/opportunity H = High risk/opportunity Lees meer over TCFD risks and opportunities .

Human rights

Through their activities, companies can have a direct and indirect impact on human rights in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Lees meer over Human rights .

Heijmans’ Tax policy

Heijmans’ Tax policy, approved by the Heijmans N.V. Executive Board on 10 January 2023 and reviewed once every two years, aims to establish principles and provide direction regarding tax behaviour for all entities controlled by Heijmans N.V. (‘the Lees meer over Heijmans’ Tax policy .

Heijmans BIM ladder

It is possible to achieve up to five stars for each level. These stars make it clear in concrete terms which BIM activity or output should be delivered to match the desired ambition level. Lees meer over Heijmans BIM ladder .


Aerius calculation The AERIUS calculation tool is part of the Dutch integrated approach to nitrogen (or PAS, from the Dutch Programmatische Aanpak Stikstof). Lees meer over Glossary .