(19) Assets held for sale and discontinued operations

(19a) Assets held for sale

Non-current assets (or groups of assets and liabilities that are to be disposed of), for which it is expected that the carrying amount will probably be realised within one year mainly by means of a sale transaction and not through continued use, are classified as held for sale (or held for distribution), after it is established that the relevant conditions have been met. Immediately preceding this classification, the assets (or the components of a group of assets to be disposed of) are measured again in accordance with the Group’s accounting policies. The assets or group of assets to be disposed of are generally measured at the carrying amount or the fair value less sale costs, if lower. Any impairment loss on a group of assets held for sale is first allocated to goodwill and then pro rata to the remaining assets and liabilities, subject to the restriction that impairment losses are not allocated to inventories, financial assets, deferred tax assets or employee benefits, all of which are measured in accordance with the Group’s accounting policies. Impairment losses arising from the initial classification as held for sale or distribution and gains or losses on revaluation arising after initial recognition are recognised in the statement of profit or loss. If the gain concerned exceeds the accumulated impairment loss, the difference is not recognised.

(19b) Discontinued operations

A discontinued operation is an element of the Group’s operations that represents a separate significant business activity or separate significant geographical business area that has been disposed of or is held for sale or distribution, or a subsidiary that has been acquired solely for the purpose of resale. Classification as a discontinued operation occurs upon disposal, or when the operation meets the criteria for classification as held for sale, if earlier. If an operation is designated as a discontinued operation, the comparative figures in the statement of profit or loss are restated as if the operation had been discontinued from the beginning of the comparative period.

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