The foundation for a stable organisation

Clear principles are essential for a company with big ambitions. We are very alert to risks and opportunities and we actively manage our own risk awareness, risk management and process improvement. We make clear choices and do what we do best. In addition, safety and quality are an essential part of being a good employer and vital to the reliability and predictability of our services for clients. Stability on these factors also creates room for innovation and entrepreneurship. We take the initiative and work from our conviction that things can always be done better.

We organise numerous activities and bring our people together under the motto of ‘Together towards a healthy improvement culture’ . And we share successes and learning points, because this is the only way we can continue to make improvements. But improvement means change and change is difficult, which is why we devote a lot of attention to change management. We have the right conversations and offer the right support to realise the changes we want to make. We use the ‘Learning from evaluation’ programme to evaluate tenders and projects. We share lessons learned widely within the organisation and at the start of a new tender, those lessons learned are collected from knowledge carriers. Last year, the Improvement Team combined all our change projects in a single online environment to get an overview of the improvement landscape. Because the team knows what is going on, it can now connect people, share knowledge and exchange experiences. But improvement is not just about tools and processes; first and foremost, it is about behaviour and attitude. Which is why, last year, we hired two psychologists to strengthen the improvement team and help it to guide the desired behavioural changes.

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