(11) Right-of-use assets

On the commencement date (the date on which the asset concerned becomes available for use), the Group recognises a corresponding right-of-use asset. The right-of-use asset is measured at cost less depreciation and impairment, adjusted for any revaluation of the lease liability. Cost is made up of the recognised amount of the lease liability, initial direct costs and lease instalments paid prior to the commencement date, less lease incentives received. Unless the Group is reasonably certain that it will acquire ownership of the underlying asset at the end of the lease period, the right-of-use asset is depreciated on a straight-line basis from the commencement date to the earlier of the following two dates: the end of the period of use or the end of the lease period. Improvements made to leased assets are depreciated over a period that is shorter than or the same as the period used for the leased asset concerned. Right-of-use assets are subject to impairment testing.

Non-lease components, specifically amounts for maintenance and fuel that are included in the lease instalments, are not recognised if these amounts are readily determined and are material. In practice, this applies to the non-lease payments for cars. For the other leases, use is made of the practical expedient of treating the non-lease components in the same manner as lease components.

The Group makes use of the practical expedient of not recognising short-term leases (with a lease period of less than 12 months and no purchase option) and the same applies to leases where the new value of the underlying asset is low (less than €5,000). The lease instalments for such leases are accounted for in the operating expenses over the period concerned.

The lease period relates to the non-cancellable period of the lease, together with the periods covered by a renewal option if it is reasonably certain that the Group wilt exercise this option and periods covered by a termination option if it is reasonably certain that the Group will not exercise this option.

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