We are the creators of a healthy living environment. We execute that mission in everything we conceive and do. We express our core values in all our projects and how we work: result focus, ownership and collaboration. We are becoming increasingly aware of the latter. Not only do we seek each other out internally, to exchange knowledge and learn together, but we also connect with our partners outside Heijmans on all sorts of fronts. In a complex world facing major challenges, collaboration is the best way to find solutions for the future.

We have access to expertise in every aspect of construction and development in all our various business areas. While the business areas used to operate autonomously, these days they are increasingly working together in an integrated approach. This is enabling us as a company to develop new propositions that are even better suited to the complex issues facing our country. We deploy our joint expertise combined with that of our partners in an optimal fashion, based on a strategic agenda aimed at making things Better, Smarter and more Sustainable:

We have translated this strategic agenda into 22 concrete objectives, our bold statements. These expire in 2023. In the second half of 2023, we will therefore present a review of our strategy for the coming years. See section 7.2 for the results on the 2022 bold statements.

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