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This business area combines our know-how and expertise in the areas of Residential building, Non-residential building, Multi-functional high-rise residential construction and Services.

Residential building activities include new-build homes, plus the conversion and renovation of residential properties. This includes the transformation of buildings that are being repurposed, for example from office to residential. Heijmans differentiates itself by its integrated approach to construction and installation technology. We apply smart energy and housing concepts to improve the sustainability of new and existing properties. We also aim to minimise CO2 emissions in the construction process. And we renovate and make existing homes more sustainable.

Together with Property Development, Residential Building develops innovative housing concepts for houses and apartment buildings. This enables us to realise complex inner-city transformation projects, as well as more serial-based new-build projects. The standardised process used in our housing concepts enables us to develop and build more quickly, more safely and more affordably. And to do so without compromising on quality and variety in the process. Heijmans took a major step forward in the industrialisation and improved sustainability of our homes with the acquisition and expansion of the timber-frame factory in Heerenveen. From 2023, this is where we will produce our industrial-scale, energy-neutral timber-frame houses.


In the Leidsche Rijn district of Utrecht, Heijmans is building the Vestibule residential building with lots of adjustments along the way. This energy-efficient apartment complex is being built right next to the - now completed - sustainable residential complex Greenville. The construction pit is far from large, so the project requires excellent coordination and synchronisation to make sure the work is carried out safely. And the end result will soon be anything but cramped, as the apartments have spacious floor plans and generous terraces. This project stands out for the abundance of greenery, both inside and outside, as plants will be planted on the facades and the roof terraces. It will be great to look at and a real pull for birds and insects. The large glass entrance will be a real eye-catcher: a green oasis full of living plants.

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We also focus on multi-functional high-rise residential construction. The focus here is on complex inner-city new-build assignments and buildings with a high degree of mixed functionality, where people both live and work. These are high-rise residential buildings. Due to a combination of complexity in construction techniques, logistical accessibility and environmental management, this activity requires a bundling of expertise and specific knowledge. This is why we have a single nationwide business unit with permanent teams.

Non-residential Building designs, builds and maintains buildings with high-quality electrical and mechanical installations. We focus on complex large-scale buildings in healthcare, the (semi-) public sector, commercial property, high-tech clean industries (such as laboratories) and data centres. Our integrated approach to building and installation engineering is unique, and assignments are now increasingly linked to long-term management, maintenance and technical installation services.

Monitoring and data-driven services for buildings are a growing part of our business and we have housed these in the Services business unit. Thanks to these recurring activities, we are often active with our services for more prolonged periods of time. For instance, on the building maintenance front, we conclude long-term contracts for day-to-day preventive, corrective and replacement maintenance. We ensure that the systems are always available and add value to the client's primary processes. This involves both the structural and technical installation-related operation, as well as the safety and security of the systems. We also take risk-bearing responsibility for the deliverables in these long-term commitments.

We use our services and systems to extend the lifespan of buildings. Smart solutions ensure optimum space utilisation, greater comfort, energy savings and more efficient use of available manpower and materials.

You never stop learning

Normally, Zivana Obrenovic (41) is a project manager in the Non-residential building business unit, but for the realisation of 295 apartments in Rotterdam's Parkstad Zuid, she has been ‘loaned out’ to the Multi-functional high-rise residential construction team.

“I like the fact that we are given the opportunity to get to know other parts of Heijmans in this way. I joined Heijmans immediately after my studies. First as a work planner, later as a project coordinator, and for the past three years I’ve been working as a project leader. Thanks to the career opportunities Heijmans offers and the warmth I experience in the company, I have never thought about working elsewhere.”

"Heijmans is a company that believes in training its people. I’ve experienced that with several managers, and now that I’m a manager, I want to help others to develop and grow. I myself have benefited enormously from the Heijmans All-round Professional Programme, a training course for young professionals who want to grow into a managerial position. I learned a lot on that course about cooperation, communication and finance, plus it increased my network within the company.”

“I also like the fact that Heijmans itself never stops learning and that the company is committed to a more sustainable construction sector. Of course, this won’t happen overnight and without a struggle, but we are learning more and more. For example, how to use recyclable materials, how to process waste sustainably and how to use electric transport. Making a construction company completely sustainable is far from easy, but we are on the right track.”

It’s never occurred to me to work for another company

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