Non-financial results

After safety, sustainability and a circular construction sector are high on the agenda of all business areas. With our digital solutions, smart products and innovative ways of working, we deliver a positive impact on property development, residential building, non-residential building and infrastructure in the ‘real’ world, all of which manifests itself in tangible results. In addition, Heijmans’ organisation-wide commitment to digitalisation should lead to greater safety, sustainability, ease of use, effectiveness and expansion of our package of services. In 2022, we also focused on achieving the objectives we set for 2023. Heijmans sees its bold statements as the most important themes for which we wanted define clear targets for the future and on which we wanted to bring about real forward movement, categorised along the axes of our strategy: Better, Smarter and more Sustainable. This is why we deliberately set these targets ambitiously. Our goal was to achieve 100% movement on all bold statements and achieve half of them. The targets set at the time expire in 2023. Our realisation of these targets through to the end of 2022 presents a mixed picture.

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