(24) Provisions

A provision is recognised in the statement of financial position if the Group has a present legal or actual liability that is the result of a past event and it is probable that its settlement will require an outflow of funds. Provisions are determined by discounting the expected future cash flows at a pre-tax discount rate that reflects current market assessments of the time value of money and, where necessary, the risks specific to the liability. The accrued interest on provisions is treated as a financing charge.

(24a) Warranties

A provision for warranties is recognised after the underlying products or services have been sold and delivered. The provision is made for costs that must be incurred to correct deficiencies that appear after delivery but during the warranty period.

(24b) Restructuring

A restructuring provision is recognised (i) when the Group has approved a detailed and formal restructuring plan and (ii) the restructuring has either commenced or been publicly announced.

(24c) Environment

A provision for restoration of contaminated and is formed in accordance with the Group’s environmental policy and applicable legal requirements.

(24d) Onerous contracts

A provision for onerous contracts is recognised if the economic benefits (i.e. the probable revenues) that the Group expects to receive from a contract are lower than the costs of meeting the contractual obligations, unless the net costs of terminating the contract are lower. For contracts concerning the execution of works, these costs are the costs attributable to the outstanding performance obligations. Where appropriate, the Group recognises impairment losses on any assets associated with the contract prior to forming the provision.

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